Some important dates in Newman's life:

February 21, 1801:
John Henry Newman is born in London.

Newman completes his degree at Oxford University.

May 29, 1822:
Newman is ordained to the Anglican priesthood.

February 27, 1841:
Newman publishes Tract 90, examining the
39 Articles of the Church of England and holding that the ecclesiological identity of the Church of England was Catholic rather than Protestant.
Newman publishes his Essay on the Development of Christian Doctrine.

October 9, 1845:
Newman is received into the Catholic Church.

May 1846:
Newman is ordained to the Catholic priesthood.
1848: Newman founds the Birmingham Oratory.

Newman is appointed by the Irish bishops, led by Archbishop Paul Cullen of Dublin, as the founding rector of the Catholic University of Ireland.

Newman publishes The Idea of a University.
November 12, 1858: exasperated by the bishops and especially by Archbishop Cullen, Newman resigns as rector of the Catholic University of Ireland.
July 1859: Newman publishes "On Consulting the Faithful in Matters of Doctrine" in The Rambler, the Catholic periodical which Newman himself edits, prompting several bishops to react negatively and to call for Newman's resignation as editor.
1859: Newman resigns as editor of The Rambler.
1864: Newman publishes his Apologia Pro Vita Sua.
1870: Newman publishes An Essay in Aid of a Grammar of Assent.
May 15, 1879: Pope Leo XIII elevates Newman to the status of cardinal.
August 11, 1890: Newman dies at the Birmingham Oratory.